WTH Donald Trump 2024?
Karl Rove on Whether the Former President can be Beaten



The 2024 presidential nominee field is starting to take shape, with headlines pointing to a Biden-Trump replay. But are those really the only likely options? Actually, no. Two-thirds of polled Republicans want someone other than Trump, but who can continue Trump’s policies. This means energy independence, a conservative court, cutting taxes, hawkish China policy, a strong military—all led by someone authentic, personal, and who can lead the country for eight strong years. One possibility is DeSantis, who has rallied support for his conservative domestic policy but is hedging on foreign and defense policy. There are other good options as well, but the GOP base is still afraid of offending Trump’s base, a stumbling block going up against a fairly robust Democratic bench. Make no mistake: this is an inflection point for the Republican party. Will it regress to the pre-Pearl Harbor, GOP, or Democratic-Ted Kennedy isolationism? Or will someone take up the Reagan mantle, and govern as the leader of the free world, in such a way that China, Russia, and other aggressors take notice?

These questions and more with Karl Rove. Rove is the former Senior Advisor to George W. Bush, and former Chief of Staff. He is a Fox News contributor and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight.

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