WTH is the military situation in Ukraine?
Fred Kagan on Ukraine’s heroic stand against Russia



As Russia’s violent assault on Ukraine enters its second week, causalities on both sides have been climbing, and many of Ukraine’s largest cities remain under siege. Despite Russian combat operations initially facing severe setbacks as a result of a determined Ukrainian resistance, the Russian offensive has been gaining ground in recent days, with Russian troops capturing their first major city, the southern port of Kherson.

Dr. Frederick W. Kagan joined Marc and Dany to discuss the current military state of play in Ukraine, Putin’s initial miscalculations, and the Ukrainian people’s heroic stand against Putin’s aggression.

Kagan is the director of AEI’s Critical Threats Project and a former professor of military history at the US Military Academy at West Point. He served on the ground in Afghanistan, providing civilian support to the US military mission.

Download the transcript here.